Right now there's no way to interact with my liveblog.

In the meantime, if you want to share something, post a comment.

Not a lot of people will see this, so don't give a speech. Thank you.

02/09/15; 12:42:10 PM

I use an outliner to add and edit items in my liveblog.

You're reading the output of the liveblog. It's live in this sense -- when I update my outline, this view of it will update too. So it's good for covering live events. Or just for keeping content updated without having to worry about "publishing" it. There is no publishing of a liveblog. It's live. That's what it means.

The software is still in development, so you will see problems. Blank screens. Double cursors. The only way to get the bugs out of something like this is to use it. So I apologize in advance for any glitches. If you want to help, you can report problems or questions in a comment here.

Remember to say what you were doing when the problem occurred. Provide links if possible. A screen shot might help.


  1. If you get a blank outline, try reloading the page. Sometimes that helps.

  2. More coming, stay tuned.

02/09/15; 12:08:14 PM

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